Minor Breaking Bad Spoiler Alert

I am glad to see that Jan Brewer has finally moved on to season 2 of Breaking Bad:

In an interview on Fox News last week, for example, she claimed: “We cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it, everything from the crime and to the drugs and the kidnappings and the extortion and the beheadings …”

It was getting so I couldn’t even talk to her because she didn’t get my Saul Goodman references. But please: the Tortuga beheading happened in Mexico, if I recall correctly (the old one, even!). Please watch television more carefully next time, Jan. OH WAIT, her spokesdaemon says she remembered that detail, but decided to make people pants-shitting afraid anyway:

Asked for comment, a spokesman for Brewer told the Guardian said the governor had never said anyone was beheaded inside Arizona. “I’m not aware of any statements where the governor specifies where any crimes were committed,” he said. On the contrary, he claimed that Brewer was talking about the fear that crimes that occur in Mexico could spread to Arizona.

Well, that kind of changes everything. (Wait… what?)

NB: paying voyeuristic attention to strangers’ myface notes (SPOILER ALERT EVEN FOR ME): the ATM incident was not a beheading, friend. It was a crushing of the head. GET REAL.

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  • Violet G. Beekeeper  On 3 July, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    have not seen breaking bad (!!!). So I guess I am liable to be surprised by a head crushing? Mr. Beekeeper likes Justified which is terrible.

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