Hi Rusty,

I know you’ve been thinking a lot about the AAP recommendations for breastfeeding exclusively to 6 months and the policy goal to have 90% of American women do this. Perhaps amongst the unchilded in our circle (such a big circle, covers half the America!) this sounds totally uncontroversial – breastfeeding is expected and we thing we “get” that and have to help other people get it. “Why wouldn’t they? It’s cheaper! It’s more convenient! Are they embarrassed? Just tacky? What is the problem?”

At this point, I’d like to state pseudonymously that breastfeeding – the first 6 or so weeks of it – was the hardest thing I have ever done. And I have taken exams on which my future rested, I have argued in front of a panel of angry judges, I have had to confront people trying to assault me, I have quit smoking, I have – as long as we are talking about babies – labored and delivered a baby, I have to take care of that baby and monitor it constantly and worry about what if someone is mean to it someday, and keep the dog from biting it. I have lost family and close friends. Once, a date took me to a Buckethead concert and I stayed for the whole thing. Getting breastfeeding established absolutely trumps it all, not a doubt in my mind. (caveat: have not been a child soldier or equivalent, have not had terminal disease, have not lost nuclear family members, have not been disfigured by violent crime) I was shocked and appalled and I didn’t even have chafing AND we got to supplement with formula because she was jaundiced.

Maybe it isn’t this hard for everyone. But I am pretty sure breastfeeding, both learning the act itself and the pressure to do it adequately is an A #1 predictor of postpartum depression. I would bet $$$$.

Anyway so I read these guidelines and it basically seems to me like they’ve decided all American Women learning how to do scorpion handstand:
would be really good for babies and now there are going to be a million articles going back and forth about you need to do scorpion handstand but its gross when you do it in public and you are failing to do your duty by only being able to get into forearm stand.

But this debate is incoherent unless we have funded time off to learn yoga, partners who do everything else for us while we learn yoga, free, clean comfortable places to do yoga all over our homes and public spaces and free yoga coaches always on call. And even then, I mean really, it’s scorpion handstand.

[WOW why cant i stop typing then redacting my real name]Violet

Also PS fuck pumping. I mean not, have pump rooms. But it sucks. It sucks so hard. Just send the babies back to baby school til they figure this shit out.

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