Memes I’d Like To Fell

Dear Rusty,

Here’s something that I think would be good for our TV show but only if we explained the joke in EXTREME DETAIL.

So I got called a MILF for the first time the other night. It was in the course of the most wretched come-on ever, which I attempted to block with “dude, I’ve got a husband and and infant daughter” parry 1d10 thunder damage.

Dude: There’s a word for that?

Me: Really?  Please tell me that word.

Dude: MILF.

Me: Oh? What a funny word. What does it mean?

Dude: Haha uh Mom I’d Like to Facebook?

Me: That’s really sweet.

Now, not that I wanted to deal with this winner’s desire expressed in ANY way, but it seems kind of incoherent to call anyone but your friends’ moms MILFs. See that’s pretty funny when it’s a bunch of 12 year olds or whatever. But calling people of your own age with children a few months old MILFs seems to defining youth downwards (upwards?). (See also: NYker’s 20 under 40. The Beekeeper Schwartz Hour can have a weekly 9 under 90 feature in which we list 9 famous people who are less than 90 years old.)  I am just saying we are getting to the point where sorting the milfs from the general ilfs makes you look insane.

Also this is the smartest thing about the thing it’s about, (by 1 under 40, I bet!). That said, the original callout was kind of baffling given that it seems like the show was improving on that count? So it was kind of LOOK HOW MUCH THE DAILY SHOW SUCKED LIKE TWO YEARS AGO?

An actual thoughtful thing I might have cared about if I cared about the daily show might have been outlined thusly:

1)Daily Show is touchstone for pop-culture progressivism! Why is lack of gender parity not totally apparent to everyone? Is pop-culture progressivism not actually really progressive?

2)What are the institutional and structural whatevers that restrict women’s success in fake news?  How do these operate EVEN IN – or especially in! – an environment that various individual women enjoy working in?

3)How do recent hires reflect or not reflect awareness of these structural barriers?

Anyway. The queerphobic subtexts of Toy Story 3 (I saw Nick Cage at the showing I went to! And there was a Sorcerer’s Apprentice Preview! HOW FRACTAL.) and Red Dead Redemption are also pissing me off right now. That’s not Media I’d Like to Foster.


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