Dear Rusty,

I hear we’ll soon be able to employ you as our full time juggalo economist. That’s great news. I’d expected more legal blogging from myself, but turns out whatever. My mind is an an epic struggle with the need to produce and also with my back and also with my fainting in front of people’s little sisters  hey I’m not a tweaker i just bike a lot & underhydrate THX BIG PUN. Still,  big bourgeois topics need to be parsed, productivity, monogamy, the fucking roaches in my fucking drain and how to kill them.  Is it sociopathic to have narratives in my head about unfogged commenters and never ever comment myself.  Iterate that up and down.

So my point is Roger Federer had my love even when he became super Miami bc he looks a bit like my husband Lodovic Hugh Bastin Beekeeper who whatever else you want to say about him is pretty cute and i really mostly do say other stuff about him, a child leaves you with few resources for not stabbing. Anyway and Roger Federer is Swiss and my point is SO AM I. I am ethnically Swiss. I am the descendents of basically the only non jewish Swiss family to leave Switzerland  (for AMERICA, really?) ever about 400 years ago.  This has a point about how I went to a really shitty swiss town but how also just repatriate and give my space to some awesome migrant worker.  Hows that Jan Brewer?

Over and Ambien,

Violet Mae Gygax-Goldstien Beekeeper

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