Dear Rusty,

Did you see this on the internet about the internet?  Hi Jeffery Rosen, now no one will ever forget you have “been at dinners recently where someone has requested, in all seriousness, ‘Please don’t tweet this’,” Jesus Christ.  But ALSO if people do not change their ideas about what is bad I am uniquely and exquisitely fucked. The breach of confidence tort stuff is, I think, a non-starter, fwiw. No real reason, it just sounds nuts.  So this makes me cry, so tell me I shouldn’t be crying?

I do like Paul Ohm’s idea about not being able to fire people for bad Google, but that’s like, un-American. Also I bet even if it were American, there’d be all sorts of exceptions carved out for teachers and shrinks and lawyers and farmers and hobos like, instantly, which defeats the point.

Anyway, I am in a sort of unique situation OR NOT AT ALL in that I actually sound way worse on the internet c. 2003 than I actually was?  I was basically professionally obligated to maintain the appearance of partying way harder than it is or ever was my inclination to party.  Maybe someone could invent Real Facts Google and Posturing Lies About Self Google.


P.S. I have realized my 2 life goals are (1)to live on a yuppie farm and finance a secretly feminist video game company and (2)to be the employment lawyer for people tarred by bad google.

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