Dear Rusty,

I’ve asked your opinion as an economist; now I need you to put on another hat and answer some questions as a sartorialist. (I remember you being a pretty natty dresser, if you’ve given that up, please advise.) What do you make of the new preppy? Cons: it permits and encourages atrocities like this and this (chique!) and there’s really no sense of humor about it.  Pros: I only wear my brother’s rolled up chinos and my husband’s work shirts with old oxfords anyway, might as well be considered stylish for it.

This is all a segue to this: a friend of mine actually said the sentence “I’m tired of Nantucket these days.” No, really. Then she described some summer share she had opted out of because of the endless lobster boiling and guys who wear “those stupid pink pants, you know?”

“Nantucket reds?” says I. She shrugs.

Now Rusty, I am part shetel, part trailer-park, so I speak Yankee Creole, at best. But I somehow can’t imagine that any self respecting Brahmin would do something as obvious as wear Nantucket Reds on Nantucket especially at a moment when Nantucket Reds are in-ish in the larger world. I realize there may be a whole new layer here, that is, the thing is to not even be conscious that your pink pants are a signifier of anything other than the fact that you are a human who has an idea of how humans ought to behave; to be totally oblivious to indications of wealth (or better yet, indications of former family wealth lost in or around the Depression) and who has co-opted them. Honestly even going to Nantucket is probably impermissible arriviste behavior, so anyway the point is totally moot. Somehow we should have a sketch about a country club where it’s too gauche to mention anything about anything so everyone just gets hammered and drives their golf carts into the ocean. Welcome to Cuttyhunk, bitches.


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  • By Beekeeper & Schwartz on 28 July, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    […] Sartorially speaking, I do indeed still look pretty awesome all the time if I do say so myself. […]

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