Get this kid a skateboard

Dear Violet,

I am filled with glad feeling upon recalling the genesis of the Get Real, per GMPD @ the Empty Bottle (not, btw, a fancy cocktail bar, I’d say, but most definitely not a place for kids) 2003. Thank you for that.

Slightly less esoteric: a couple things re: what we talk about when talk about children and the bearing/rearing/bringing to bars of same.

First of all, contra Bitch PhD, “kids as a class” will most definitely cease to exist when Children of Men happens. duh.

But seriously folks… part of me wants to agree with Sadie Stein but then if I take a deep breath I realize that a lot of it has to do with the way this part of the original post codes as obnoxiously reactionary:

im not a feminist ( yeah, i said it…shrug). but i dont understand people who claim to be feminist on one hand…

I mean, I don’t have a vagina (but you know what? I don’t even need this stupid disclaimer), but the phrase “I’m not a feminist” pretty much always strikes me as empty posturing to establish I’m-not-part-of-any-groupthink credibility. But on the other hand – and although I’m not excusing the self-righteousness – this is all just me thinking “seriously, how could someone not be a feminist?” and then I realize that I just spend an afternoon expounding on the meaninglessness of Art in a world where everything is… Art. And if I’m gonna stake that claim, then I better be able to tolerate the idea that maybe Feminism has to be a little fluid because if everyone’s a feminist then it doesn’t quite mean anything. Maybe. Honestly, I’m not comfortable with my own thought process here and that’s why, on this matter, I’m just gonna defer to your conclusions.

But I am reminded of something else that Codes All Wrong to me, namely this:
via here (as if there’s anywhere else you’d go for Palinalia)

This is super-creepy regardless… but if there’s something that could make Sarah Palin even creepier it might be the phrase “Women of Joy” Is Sarah Palin a secret polygamist? Well, that’s not for me to say! WE REPORT YOU DECIDE.

Which is all to say nothing of Momma Joyboy:

I suppose there are some child-rearing lessons in there too.


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  • Violet G. Beekeeper  On 28 July, 2010 at 3:09 PM


    Is the fire behind her in the shot the same one God pulled her through? Cinematographic choice making, it is on point here. Also FWIW the “i’m not a feminist” reads slightly differently in the critical race theory context in which I should have presented it, and the neglect of which was a big problem with the Jezebel post. Not that it can’t seem obnoxiously reactionary, but it’s different quality of reaction coming from a queer black activist living in Cairo than from I dunno, Women of Joy.


  • Rusty B. Schwartz  On 28 July, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    I actually think it would also have a different quality coming from a Mormon fundamentalist. But not Sarah Palin. Yikes.

    I have to apologize for my unfamiliarity with critical race theory. Is it anything like Amazing Race theory? (I hope so)

  • Violet G. Beekeeper  On 28 July, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    Pretty much exactly like that, in so many different ways.

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