Hello R,

Thanks a lot, now it’s been the part of the day where me and the baby listen to Queen for 36 hours straight. Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle BICYCLE BIIIIIIIICYYYYYYYYYCLLLLLLLLEEE! (Again, about transportation and therefore inherently cool.)

I mentioned this to you on GChat, but thought it was worth exploring on the larger Internet. I feel the loss of Freddy Mercury very acutely and almost daily. Is this weird? See also Proust, Abraham Lincoln and St. Francis.

Also, do you know I think you can use Celery Man to figure out who was born between 1975-1989 and who is A MOLE? And that I am forcing my husband to choose between me and his French heratige? See, French people walk like this… but Americans, they walk like THIS.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to your friend’s guest post on Math Gets Real. Descartes hated imaginary numbers. I’m terrible at math, but pretty good at knowing random anecdotes about mathematicians. (That belief about myself and the reasons for it as well as at least one thing FRENCH PEOPLE GET RIGHT is substance for yet another post. Hopefully I can find some internet shitstorm about it to drum up traffic and put us well on our way to being offered a $$$$$$ deal to host a variety show.)

Finally, I can’t register to comment on The Awl even though I had a really good idea about Shirley Sherrod’s legal strategy – good enough that I actually WOULD have commented on the internet.

All that and more on next week’s Violet G. Beekeeper: Part-Time Bassist.


Violet G. Beekeeper, Part-Time Bassist.

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