Beating your scorn at $1.49 (or inviting the Hammer of Thor?)

Hi there Violet,

I assume this is where you wanted to comment about Shirley Sherrod’s legal strategy. And I say, if it’s good enough for the internet how about let’s have it right here? I’d be interested. As a non-lawyer, my hunch is that she has has a potential suit against the USDA and not necessarily against Andrew Breitbart.

This is too bad because Andrew Breitbart really does seem to be the Scum Of The Earth. Now, I try to not say really mean things about people on the internet. It takes a lot of doing sometimes, But I do try: like the way I even found one or two nice things to say about Ben Stein the other day. It’s a good rule (I didn’t come up with it myself, natch) not to say anything about anyone on the internet that you wouldn’t say to their face. This is an especially good rule for pseudonymous folks like us (even if we do keep keep it up kind of half-heartedly and haphazardly and mostly just for fun)… and it’s also tricky when you’re talking about someone like Breitbart who seems like an incredibly malicious person and petty enough to try to dig up dirt on some nobody on the internet like [REAL NAME REDACTED], if he were to read this post.

But more to the point: the NAACP, the USDA and Secretary Vilsack (aka a nice-enough man I met in an airport a decade ago) and the Obama administration certainly deserve varying degrees of disdain for the knee-jerk responses and may even be legally liable (again, VGB please advise), but they all have apologized and done so sincerely and attempted to make the situation right, so I think they can all be forgiven now. On the other hand, Scorn and Blame in this case really ought to be directed squarely and permanently with Breitbart and his fellow-travelers. Squarely, because the aformentioned bumblers have apologized while Breitbart has amazingly not done so; Permanently because nothing the man ever writes or propagates should ever again be trusted by anyone. The fact the he is not a complete pariah because of this is amazing; Jayson Blair never did anything nearly as bad. Oh, and I’m all for giving people second chances, which reminds me: this was his second chance… “fool me once” and all that. But sadly, I’m not sure he’s legally liable for the firing. I hope I’m wrong.

BONUS weird right-wing fake-controversy-promoting item: this was written by a grown-ass man. I know, I can’t believe it either. And I’m pretty much the most shallow, vain and immature person I know.


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