Inner, Inner City, Inner City Pressure

Dear Rusty,

A break from court prognostication.

I like to consider myself a connoisseur of non-trend trends reported in the New York Times style section. It brings me great joy to stand before my curio shelf and meditate on the pot-bellied hipster, the non-tweeter, and now the exotic Korean Taco.  Did you know that when I worked as Pretty Big Firm last summer, there was an all-out street cart war between the hot dog guys and the young person croissant truck? On the one hand, Workers of The World Unite. On the other hand, young person croissants are good and street hot dogs are nasty. The life of a vaguely Marxist esthete, huh?

Rusty, when I linked to the 2010 Feminist Blogwars: Babies On A Plane or Wherever a couple of people noticed my post and said what I think are lovely things about it. Not that I want anyone dying inside on my account, but that second post really clarified for me exactly what was going on. Let me tell you a story instead of using analytical language here.

When I was a few months pregnant, I was walking with Mr. Beekeeper (in a really really fancy neighborhood, which makes this kind of funnier – like mansions, hardcore) and this obviously agitated (I am not a doctor but meth meth meth meth meth) guy tried to force his card (for locksmith services!) on us by grabbing me and jabbing the card into my stomach. Mr. B pulled me out of the way with one hand and kept the guy at arm’s length with another, and we walked quickly away at which point the guy called after us YEAH WELL YOUR GIRL’S UGLY ANYWAY.

Rusty, I and the putative infant had just been maybe a little bit assaulted by an unhinged locksmith. That left me jittery and a bit upset. But the “your girl’s ugly anyway” actually hurt my feelings? (NB it was nominally aimed at Mr. Beekeeper, who did not take it to heart at all.) It STILL kind of hurts my feelings when I think about it. Not that I am am all ladies or you are all dudes, but I am wondering if you’ve had similar experiences – criticisms lobbed at you that are quite obviously not things you should take seriously, but that jack your brain anyway?  Also, if you need a locksmith I know a great guy?

Ugly anyway RRRRRAAAAAARRRRRRRGH Monster Noise,


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