Dear Rusty,

As I pack, a quick observation. Slate’s Dear Prudence, who consistently gives the most sexist and tone deaf advice EVAR gave some sexist and tone deaf advice to a lady law student experiencing some harassment from a firm she wasn’t working at.  Sexism in the legal profession is duh an interest of mine, and I’d just like to observe that if anything like that happened WITHIN any of the places I worked for, the offender would be shot out of a cannon. Maybe because these big firms are aware of their reputation for being pretty hostile places for women to work, and women law students kick ass, so you don’t want them thinking that about you. That said, inter-firm, I bet this stuff happens a lot. Intimidation is a big part of litigation, and it’s difficult (impossible?) to hold opposing counsel accountable for anything but the most flagrant harassment. (And in that case, I’d assume it would be a sanction by the presiding judge, not some external binding sanction.)  Ok, you have to have thick skin and serious huevos to be a good litigator, but this should be so far outside the professional norm.

Anyway adversarial justice system is ridic is my point.



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