I am going to be here for the next few days with Little Miss B:

(Miss you, Mr. B. Enjoy the whores and street drugs). Eat it, Coastal, Lake and Gulf States (I guess those are all really coastal of a sort…)! Rusty, fun facts you did not know about Violet, Swiss/Shawnee/Lithuanian-Austrian Jew:

I am an sharp horsewoman. Western is my style but love bareback/brideless. English offers some things that neither of those styles can, but it’s not how  I learned since I never really learned. It’s almost time to get Miss B. on a pony. Another year maybe. How I came across these skills is a family secret.  But suffice it to say when I talk about fucking everything and starting a farm, I am both relatively well equipped to do so temperamentally and in terms of experience  and entitled to at least part of a farm at an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION IN OR AROUND A CERTAIN RIVER VALLEY. So why don’t I do that?

One, it’s a working non-yuppie farm. That means corn and alfalfa crop-dusted within an inch of their lives and stored in rusted out schoolbusses, not heirloom tomatoes. People (ok one guy)  in my family depend on that farm to make money, I’m not about to prance in and tell them how to do it. Half the farm also has a 100 year mineral lease on it to the gvt. Not strip mining, but just about. My grandma, my ma and my aunt have no illusions bout this farm, and they’re progressive thinkers about sustainability etc. They are like I hope  sinkhole develops beneath it and it gets swallowed into the goddamn ground for all the good it’s done us over the past 200 years. I’d have to convince them I wouldn’t destryo both the farm, my life and my family’s which, meh I’d give a 10% chance of doing ok on all 3.

Still, I think the guy living there might move on someday – he’s either a poor or an unlucky farmer, and I’d get to do some interesting things with the land. Which also contains the only virgin forest in the state it’s in. I think about keeping a small farm myself – some goats, chickens and one easy crop, (couple of horses, of course) and partitioning the rest of the land to rent at low rates to interesting farmers with interesting and sustainable cultivation ideas.

A girl can dream. Anyway, this girl’s dreaming in Montana next week. I I get a chance, a post on marriage and transaction costs. $5.

I Can Canter,


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