Neil Irwin & co. seek to repeal 20th century (lexically speaking)

Dear Violet,

I feel like I’ve dropped the proverbial ball a little (a lot) since you’ve been gone to the wilds of Big Sky Country.

Anyway, you know what’s been bothering me kind of a lot? A whole bunch of political economy questions. And naturally the question that seems to have gotten under my skin the most is easily the least consequential, namely: OH MY GOD WHY IS THE NEW BLOG AT THE WASHINGTON POST CALLED POLITICAL ECONOMY?

As you probably know, this sticks in my craw because the blog is about economic policy. To get a little too cute about it, economic policy is the politics of economics, whereas political economy is the economics of politics. Of course, I am doubly vexed because this rather inconsequential wordplay is I guess legitimate enough seeing as “political economy” has an antiquated definition that means what we means when we just say, yknow “economics.” Oh and also it’s a pretty good blog, so I dunno, I just hope no impressionable youth start talking like 19th century moral philosophers, right?

On the third hand, I do feel somewhat vindicated by the fact that wikipedia says: Not to be confused with Economic policy.

Slightly validated,

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  • Rusty B. Schwartz  On 10 August, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    Also: I know we’ve always extolled the virtues of aviator glasses, but I think Graham Bonnet takes it a little too far. If you’re not Graham Parker it’s difficult to pull that off on stage. I also did not realize that he was the singer for Alcatrazz (which is my way of saying there’s a youtube clip on this same song featuring, um… Yngwie Fucking Malmsteen. uh, yeah?). And yikes does he not have any stage presence.

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