In which I assign gender to drinks and not to epithets

Dear Violet,

All manner of world-historical importance swirling about. By which I mean:

I hate to say this, but the professor is wrong and Starbucks is right.

Seems to me all Lynne Rosenthal had to do was say “no, thanks” the same way one might when the waiter at Not-Starbucks asks “cream and sugar?”

The Starbucks lingo is annoying, but in my experience I’ve never seen a customer required to use it. I often order lady-style drinks from them and the barista asks whether i want whipped cream. I have never been required to say “no whip” or “with whip” – “no, thanks” and “yes, please” have always sufficed.

I’m sure the barista was dick to Prof. Rosenthal, but it sure does seem like she was more of dick in the first place. And the third place.

Also, I’m so sorry no I’ve never seen Mad Men and also you’re wrong: I don’t have cable. Mysterious, I know.


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