What I seen on the TV

Dear R,

I of course recommend you watch Mad Men; it is available on your local internet. That said, the first few episodes toe the line between authenticity (I guess) and nostalgia for Super Sexism. I am of the opinion that that flatness resolves itself as Betty comes into her own. PS my Grandma was married to a biiiiiiiiiiig (but Jewish) ad man of that era before she divorced the shit out of him and married my grandpa and I asked her if she watched and she was like, fuck that, it sucked enough the first time around.*

Meanwhile, what other summer shows are tickling my summer toes?  The big news in my mind is of course Louie, and I liked the episode I saw. But whatever. The only other thing I’m really following is White Collar. What? you say? A network caper show with stilted scripting? Look, there’s no reason this show SHOULD be good. (I mean it features Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Who by the way, looks great and acquits herself acceptably, good on you, Kelly Kapowski.) But it’s totally engaging – kind of a Nick and Nora vibe with Nora played by some serious man candy.

Yes, it's become that kind of blog.

They play just the right moments for laughs, and it makes me love Magnasanti, which I am otherwise sick of fuck as.

And that’s it. This is the summer of Henry James read in the tub, Mad Men and White Collar. I caught up on Peep Show back in June, so, and rewatched Veronica Mars (so so good, everything every lamestain says Buffy is that it is not) on Netflix instant. What am I failing to consume?

Here is my other suggestion. Would you like to have a tv club? One episode of whatever a week – I’ll rewatch anything I have free instant access to – including V. Mars and White Collar, and we can GChat the experience and pretend it’s about feminism.


PS Isn’t it funny how no matter what we are talking about there’s some random story from my family that is (I think) relevant? I’d think I was lying, but really we’re just a motley crew. Also, my dad was in Motley Crue. Not really. Yes really. No. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes.

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