Eat, cry, nap.

Salve, Rusty,

Hope all is well with you. There is an awesome Salvadorean place in Manifest Destiny if you want to know about it. But you have Salvadorean food in NonSpecificMidwesternMetropolis already, right? I just say eat at all diners and always get the BLT with avocado. Also there’s one particular burger joint I went to with my cousin and some guy with a squeaky voice and a gucci jacket with skulls hit on her and I kind of made fun of him and she told me I was cruel. Am I cruel? God I love that town way more than any non-driving Magnasantian should admit. I mean, I can drive, in theory, but I hate it hate it hate it because I’ve never gotten enough practice and never got past the point where I was like I AM IN A DEATH MACHINE WHAT WILL I KILL THIS IS A BAD BUT A LITTLE GOOD FEELING.

Dear Rusty, you said one of my favorite things about cars ever, do you know that? We were chatting about cars one time I was visiting you–I think when you were dating Amy Pohler/throwing up in the street–and you said “I’m really not into cars, but I think that’s a good thing because if I got into them I think I’d be way into them. I wouldn’t like them, but I’d have to work on them all the time.”

Anyway,  this is good bc all things Choire Sicha are good. He and a friend once had a project not entirely unlike our project. I think it was No-Cal/NY, but I am not going to google. I want to be a snot and say well, ok, yeah but aren’t we allowed to hate on rich people who get rich selling the rights to Coyote Ugly? But that’s probably one of the less objectionable ways to get rich.

Everything is Objectionable,


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