I can’t stop talking about kids.

Hi R,

A friend from another country forwarded me this post on this article so as to poke fun at my country. Does no one else get how funny the Blue Man Group School is? I wouldn’t want to live in a nation-state where such a thing couldn’t happen. Anyway, I have a hard time feeling like these are the worst people in the world. The superethical thing would be of course to send your child to your districted public school and use your $$$/time/whatever to improve it for all the kids. On the one hand, I either “outsource” or you know, “neglect” all life-maintenance and kid-maintenance tasks more onerous than opening-food jars, so I don’t really feel like holding people accountable for not robustly engaging everything all the time. On the other hand, look, you’ve got to spend energy one way or another, either making your weirdo bougie collective or leveraging your bougie collective-making skills in the larger world, so yes, it should be the later. And yes, the “revolution” terminology is super-annoying but I can’t think of any use of the word revolution to describe anything other than certain military conflicts that I don’t find super-annoying.

I have a strong personal bias here, though. I feel like what you learn in school isn’t really what you learn in school so I have a really hard time caring where any individual kid, including my own, goes to school as long as it’s not a clearly abusive environment. Anyway it’s not quite because I feel like an enriching home environment compensates… it’s because I feel like most of this shit doesn’t matter. Abusive behavior is harmful, and I might have a kind of low threshold for what I consider abusive, but it’s not crazy low. But in general, I mean, you’re putting in culturally determined input in the culture that determined that input (um, I am including genes etc. in culture? I have a very expansive understanding). You don’t have the perspective to engineer totally innovative outcomes also because you’re a human and your kid’s a human–there’s not some crazy informational imbalance that you can manipulate there EVEN THOUGH IT SEEMS LIKE THERE IS. Whatever adults need to stop their ego-trippin’ and just open the fucking food jars and look the other way when kids skip class. Don’t read this, daughter. I didn’t say that.

Also, I have been reading this. It is… well, you tell me?

Avocado avocado avocado,


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