John Fremont, Richard Nixon & me


Upon my return from the City of Tomorrow (aside: better ideas re nomenclature? I’m running on fumes here) it seems appropriate that I check in here to report any epiphanies/Scientological conversions I may or may not have undergone.

The main life-change I’ve experienced, actually, involves the fact that I’m posting this from some sort of advanced telephonic device. Frankly, it’s exhausting (I am of course pretty much less than a novice at the use of this) so I’ll keep it brief.

1. It is just terrific out there. You get to wear a jacket at night in August, which I personally enjoy quite a bit.

2. Some seriously loose morals out there. But not in the way you’d think! I am loathe to say more on this topic on the internet. Sorry to be a tease.

3. I wonder about what defense/military reform means for labor markets. This is only tangential to my travels in the CoT. Will explain further when I learn how to link on this machine.

4. Scientology, what’s up with that?

5. TheĀ  Museum of Jurassic Technology/thoughts on museum anthropology & Soviet Space Dogs.

6. Mike Teevee (of Willy Wonka’s blah blah blah) is a much more sympathetic character than I believe he was intended to be. TV is kind of a perfectly acceptable thing to be Way Into, and besides: those are probably some classic westerns he’s watching & I’d be pissed too if reporters were asking me inane questions & shoving microphones in my face while I’m trying to watch my shows (pre-DVR, natch).

7. Taco fusion trucks: yes and no.

So there you have it, Violet. a list of feelings about the City of Tomorrow. I think I’d like to know what sort of feelings you might list about same.

Tanned, fit, ready,


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