Dear Rusty,

I’m very much with you on Mike Teevee and many maligned children’s books characters. I told you how much I like Quinn on Daria, right?  Not the same thing, exactly. But now I read these underdog with secret powers narratives and am like does everyone have to put up with this smug little obsessive? This contest is terrible! Where are social services!

I had a TV, though no cable, when I was a kid, though a general sense that TV was Bad For You hovered. (My parent’s best friend wisely explained to them that not getting one when I was small would deprive me of my patrimony. Thanks, Uncle Grumpy!) From Middle School on I snuck in the daytime talk shows after school before my parents got home (Sally Jessy et al) and that probably didn’t help. Mr. Beekeeper on the other hand, learned English from Magnum PI, so he is and has always been pro-TV in a very real way.

It’s very hard for me to take seriously anyone who has any sort of principled anti-tv stance at this point. It could happen, but rebuttable presumption of stfu.

This is all leading me inexorably to the conclusion that Mike Teevee is a defender of crafted long-form programs, and would reject reality programming which is what the golden ticket stunt was anyway and which is the actual moral cancer, mostly.

Uh more later i guess


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