I should be watching Project Runway but I actually can’t bear shows focused around contests. Did you know I was EXEMPTED from gym in third grade because I would weep so copiously at the mere thought of kickball? Now, of course, there are Williamsburg kickball leagues, may the sun swallow the earth.

Actually, THERE’s a reality show premise for you. The kickball, not the apocalyptic supernova.

There are a few times I can recall when I feel like reality TV has transcended (and I am not counting like, “Seven Up” or the PBS stuff or whatever). These times are, in roughly chronological order, I think, Real World San Francisco (duh), TEMPTATION ISLAND (do you remember this? Kept my mind off of Bush v. Gore) and finally, Real World San Diego (seriously). Oh and the episode of Queer Eye my friend’s ex boyfriend was on but for other reasons.

Borderline personality disorder,


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