Your post is timely, I have just been watching the 1985 Michael Wood series on the Trojan War. It’s so good, but his hard-on for Troy VI is embarrassing given more recent archeological developments. Also, scenes of him reading shirtless are not necessary, but also totally necessary. Anyway, we should definitely not skimp on heel armor or giant horse factories. Didn’t you study digging up old junk once?

So, defense budget, huh? You say this and I think of whistling mice working in munitions factories to make bombs that will make stars and birds circle around (mouse) Hilter and (mouse) Hirohito and (mouse) Mussolini’s head, because I watched a lot of those cartoons as a kid. But really, we’re talking about how many engineering graduates you need to get to make a drone not miss its target? Or are we talking about the vast (should be vaster) network of social services centered around military bases? Where’s the waste occurring? Dreadful no-bid contracts? If that’s so, the problem’s really corruption (even if not legally actionable), not “wastefulness” per se.

Right so, what I am saying is trimming defense spending can mean a bunch of things. I didn’t read your links, so for now it means what I feel like it means. To the extent it means actually cutting back industry, I agree, why now (I mean, aside from the greater concern of not wanting to become any more dependent, long term, the military industrial apartment complex, and you know, not wanting to kill people)? To the extent we’re limiting corruption or unfair if not quite corrupt contracting practices, I say trim away. It might circumscribe that industry a bit in the short term but really very short, and the bounceback would be dramatic. Probably false.

Ok, gotta go kill some roaches. I was at a fort yesterday, and I found a bullet. You’d hardly believe you were in Magnasanti, but I was, so I wasn’t sure if it were a fort-y bullet or a gang-y bullet.

This got me to google the lyrics of Bullets, by the Misfits.


UPDATED TO ADD: I read the links, and stand by my general position that I have no position, ie, need to more about the how and what of these cuts to know whether Good Thing or Bad Thing. I am generally in favor of just flooding the fuck out of shit with Federal funds during periods of recession, but “flooding the fuck out of shit” is not always synonymous with “directing unmediated capital towards.”

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