A list of feelings around the internet

Dear Violet,

I. You may or may not know this, but I’m not a huge Judd Apatow Fan. Or I guess I should say my admiration for his work is subject to a number of qualifications. To wit: I have no bad things to say about Freaks & Geeks, but beyond that I prefer the movies that he writes or produces (Superbad & Pineapple Express = two of the best things ever) to those he directs (The 40-Year-Old Virgin & Knocked Up = kind of stinkers, honestly). The exception is Funny People, which he directed and seems to me to be a lot like F&G insofar as it was (a) relatively poorly received and (b)hey-I-thought-this-was-gonna-be-a-comedy-but-it’s-not-exactly. Come to think of it, I suspect those two things are kind of inseparable, but that’s neither here nor there. But, Violet, since this is a round-up of what people are saying on the internet, here’s Apatow on a critic of Funny People:

There certainly are a lot of dick jokes in Funny People but there is no way to portray comedians without having them tell a lot of those types of jokes. If I was a hundred percent accurate I would have doubled the dick joke count. The only thing more troubling than making jokes about the male penis would be to be serious and honor the male penis.

Punchline? But then you would have made Zardoz!

II. Pivoting slightly, I think we can both agree for no specific reason that this line of reasoning relies on a non sequitur:

“If pictures of you naked end up on an internet site, it’s quite difficult to say you have the credibility to be a judge,” said Sébastien Grammond, a law professor. He adds that this is exactly the sort of thing they’re referring to when, as a judicial candidate, you’re asked to reveal anything incriminating about your past.

To be sure, there’s a lot of creepy in the story, and it sure does seem like the complaint of sexual harassment is legit if true. But it also seems like the credibility of the judge has kind of nothing to do with her being photographed naked, which incriminate her in… what exactly I’m not sure? But I’m not the lawyer (non-lawyer lawyer) here.

III. Crud Wizard has been making me happy for the last 24 hours. In short: 9-year-old has superb blog about metal, skateboarding & geography etc. Now, I don’t know exactly how much his dad helps him, but I’m not gonna let that ruin this:

My favorite band is Iron Maiden and I hate Reagan, and hippies, and Jesus.

Now, I’m afraid that I’m way too circumspect to instill these precise values in my own kid, but on the balance I think the more children out there indoctrinated against Reagan/hippies/Jesus the better.

In a nice bit of synergy, I have been listening to Angel Witch by Angel Witch a lot recently.

Death to false metal,

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