Awesome Legislative Procedure, Secret Compartment

Hi Rusty,

Did I ever tell you about Awesome Guy? There is someone working for Goodwill in the midwest/great lakes who really understands how to use the word awesome.

See eg:

Lot of Awesome Pleather Pants

Awesome Old Germany Crest Empire Plate

Awesome 4` Cast Iron Fly w/ Secret Compartment

Awesome ‘Underdog’ T-Shirt Size M NWOT

I mean I guess it could be Awesome Lady too, but this is hitting the glass ceiling of my mind. Does this make me seem like I am laughing at Awesome Guy?  I hope not.  His enthusiasm for people’s random old knick-nacks and attempt to generate similar enthusiasm in purchasers is one of my great joys in life.

You know what’s not awesome? I have a friend who is not from The One True America, yet who started as a Federal Employee only to be notified that 9 months ago, some rass-andom Congresscritter stuck a line in an appropriations bill that no Federal employees who were not citizens could be paid (or similar), and they just read the bill like last week, and all the Federal bosses got a phone call. So basically, the whole government is now scrambling to figure out how to pretend that didn’t pass so that they can keep on paying foreign citizens who as you can imagine hold all sorts of essential positions in I don’t know, the Department of Defense? Anyway, apparently the fact that you can do this anonymously is a problem but what I think is a bigger problem is seriously, if you can’t have some staffer read it and check in within 9 months, not really a law.

This is why I have a speck of tolerance in my heart for people who feel like the best means of social change is being modification of their consumer behavior, that is, hipster farmers. I have no tolerance for this puritanism from anyone though. Except my mom, who told me that we shouldn’t be promiscuous, and Rimbaud should not have either but at least Rimbaud had syphilis to keep him in line(!!!)

I obviously feel like the best means of social change is checking in on Awesome Guy daily.

Uh I hope you are having fun never by yourself all the time.

Federally Mandated,


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