Letters about letters


No real intellectual engagement here, just wanted to share another correspondence with you:

My Friend: saw a case today, it was like Cherokee Indians v. Some Railroad, SCOTUS from 1890.  Bet you I can guess who won before I read that.

Me: Though on some level the Cherokee won too, because now they can use
the railroad. No lie, I am reading up on Louisville and Nashville RRd and a couple other Southern RRds which, long after the civil war, just held slaves. No joke. Not particularly circumspect about it, either. Just like, why wouldn’t we have slaves from 1880-1920? + consider, both modern civil procedure doctrine and modern psychology were born out of RRd injuries. Also, they finally got rid of the LIRR bar car which was the most sordid place in the entire world. This is all to say, wtf trains.

My friend: this is one of my fav emails from you of all time.

Rusty, I write pretty good emails and am frankly not sure what made this one the best, aside from trains being pretty interesting, but if he enjoyed it that much you might too because I think you’re both the sort of guys who are secretly hoping you’ll be able to get away with wearing hipster bolo ties before you age out of wearing hipster anything. It’s ok, i have a pat-benatar style headscarf on right now.

Ok whatever get internet in your house. Time to go listen to some Roxy Music.
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