Things That are Super Gross In Retrospect

Hi Rusty,

Apropos our earlier conversation about Free The Paedos, now The Swan and the Paedo whatever, I recalled being 11 and sitting under those colorful parachutes that are probably just made out of pure dibenzoxin, and talking with the trampy girl in my class who wore tight dresses and was going after school to meet her boyfriend in college. Now I see, not trampy, being molested!

Also on the schoolbus this other trampy girl was waving at truck drivers who were then flirting back at her and asked to see her tits and she was about to show them then my bus driver hit the breaks and yelled “SHE’S TWELVE” at them. Way to go busdriver Pete. Anyway, now I see, also not trampy! Truck drivers probably should have been arrested, at least a little.



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  • Rusty B. Schwartz  On 30 September, 2010 at 11:34 PM

    Well, now, my position is certainly not Free the Pedos, but that’s more attention-grabbing than Stop Talking About the Pedos in order to Maximize Utility (in re: minimizing being molested). So, yeah: some things are grosser than others. It’s the moral of a lot of stories. But especially these ones.

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