Happy 70s Lesbian Weekend


I have been sewing and listening to my Linda Rondstat Pandora station. I mean whatever all my Pandora stations converge on Linda Rondstat eventually. (I made the cuff for my friend). I’m gonna bake later. Also, am wearing linen pants.

A disproportionate number of my law school friends are guys because the women in law school are all super competent alphas with shiny hair like, owning it left and right.

There was some comedian -Maria Bamford, the google tells me – who I saw a clip of like a million years ago on comedy central and the line that stuck with me was “sometimes I worry that I don’t want to get married so much as I want to get dipped in a vat of warm rising bread dough.” I am in that place right now except bread dough is too sensual. I would like to be in a crystal pod like Zod.

Ok whatever.


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